Road Trip Finale

Well, after our awesome day at the Smithsonian we camped out another night at Andrews famcamp with Nan and Grandpa Joe. On Saturday mom and I went over to my cousin Lara’s wedding shower and had a great time. Grandpa Joe and Zoe spent the day together at the campground biking around, eating ice cream, playing, and taking a nap. In the evening, I returned mom to the famcamp and then went out with my cousins and friends for her bachelorette party. Nothing like being the pregnant lady on a bachelorette party!! Actually it was really fun; we went out to a long dinner and then when the girls moved on for the evening, Kristina and I took a cab back. Us ‘older’ cousins were done for the night by 10:30. Nan was, of course, waiting up for me when I got back to the camper. She and dad had a fun evening with Zoe playing inside and searching for eggs (why only do this at Easter?) Sunday was rainy, so we slept in and packed up. Zoe didn’t want to leave Nan and Grandpa Joe and thought they would be driving the camper behind us for the evening. She seemed satified to know they would be back to visit when Avi was born. We drove down to Pope AFB to stay at the Q for the night. It was a nice tiny little base that is inside a hugemongous Army fort…it literally took me an hour to find the Air Force section once I got off the freeway. Anyway, Monday we just drove back home. It was rainy but uneventful. Zoe did great playing with her toys, coloring, listening to audiobooks, snacking, and taking a nap. It’s nice to be home.

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