Swim Time!

So the pools at the Y are finally ALL open. We went yesterday and Zoe had a blast. Got her some of those arm floaties and now she has all this newfound confidence and freedom to swim wherever she likes. We also really liked the splash zone area with the slides and sprays and whatnot. Today was a day off for Bryan so we went to a squadron pool party. Again Zoe was showing off her swimming talents with her floaties; to the point of jumping off the diving board and the edge. We are always in the water with her as spotters, of course. Zoe also ate 5 pieces of watermelon for lunch…apparently she likes it. This afternoon Bryan’s buddy came over to drop off materials for our much-anticipated porch roof. I can’t wait to have a nice porch with some shade out back. Tomorrow we head to Tyndall and the beach for the long weekend!


  1. She is signed up for lesson at the YMCA starting next week! One week of parent-child class and then 2 other separate weeks on her own after she turns 3 at the end of the month. I expect she'll take to it like a little fishy.

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