Tyndall Beach

Well we had a nice long day at the beach today; now we’re just hanging out in the AC at Tyndall TLF. The beach here is simply gorgeous: bright white sand, clear water, very few people, and it’s just huge. We drove the 3.5 hours down here to the Florida panhandle yesterday morning and spent the afternoon at the beach. It’s been a blast swimming in the warm water and building sand castles. We brought along sand toys which Zoe loves to play with. She also loves swimming in the gulf with her floaties on. She is pretty good with them past the breakers otherwise she just gets a kick out of getting knocked over in the surf. We all took a nice long walk looking for shells and got a small collection. Zoe was more interested in looking for crabs and crab claws. I think this evening we’ll go bowling and then start to head home tomorrow. What a great relaxing Memorial weekend.

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