Florida Caverns SP

This morning we all slept in (until 8am!) then got on the road back home. We had a great Memorial weekend hanging out on the beach – Bryan is a bit burnt all over and I managed to miss a few spots with the sunscreen, but nothing bad. We were, of course, thorough with Zoe so she is just a shade tanner. It’s an easy jaunt down to the beach at Tyndall, so we decided to stop by Florida Caverns State Park on the way home. We took the cave tour, which was great. The cave is really quite full of great formations and though they said it was a ‘dry’ cave it’s still an actively forming one! Bryan and I can’t wait until Zoe and Avi are old enough to go into a real not-touristy cave, but until then I guess guided tours will do. Zoe loved it and insisted I take her picture by a couple formations. By the end she was tired and fell asleep in the car…good thing, too, since the drive home was fairly dramatic. We drove through a thunderstorm so bad I actually had to pull over on I-10 for a few minutes to let the crazy wind and hail and I-can’t-see-the-road pass by. It was nuts for a bit. Haven’t seen a storm that windy and sudden since Oklahoma; Bryan was sure he saw rotation in the clouds, too! Whatever, though, it’s nice and sunny here in Valdosta. I guess we’ll get our brunt of the storm later tonight.

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