New Patio Underway

So, the new porch roof went up last week. Bryan’s buddy still has a few final things to finish it up like the ceiling and painting, but it’s great and mostly done. Having shade out back it so super nice!!! I’ve now been busy digging up around the existing tiny slab patio make it alot bigger with pavers. The new porch roof is 14×11, so I’ll make the patio about the same underneath it…maybe a brick wider in case we choose to screen it in someday. Ran into a couple snags; I needed to extend the sprinklers past the new pavers, but that wasn’t too much of a hassle. Nothing like the painful sprinkler system we had to fix at our house in Tucson. I’m using the good grass chuncks to fill in a few low spots in our backyard near the fence, so the little garden wagon has been a lifesaver dragging that stuff all over the place. I should finish digging out tomorrow and then I can start the fun part of putting in the pavers!!! I’m so excited about getting our backyard all nice and may even pave an extra little spot with a bench for our fire pit. We’ll see how much energy I have for that.

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  1. Did you get one of those snazzy tools like dad has for pounding before putting in the pavers? That way it won't get wonky….

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