End of the Week

This week has gone by quickly and was busy! Yesterday was the last day of Zoe’s 1st week-long swim lesson session. She loved it and now does great kicking and ‘scooping’ her hands; she’ll attend another 2 weeks later this summer and will hopefully be good without a noodle by the end. I finished digging out the space for the back patio and started placing some pavers; I’ll get some more in today. Zoe has been helping me dig a bit and loves to sweep the dirt into the cracks of the pavers. Last night we met Bryan at the O’Club on base for some free food and a HUGE bouncy castle that was a water slide! Zoe went nuts! It was definitely designed for the 8-12 crowd, but she held her own against the big boys and got a kick out of crashing down. It’s been so crazy hot and humid, the water feels great. Snapdragon, the new kitty, went into the vet on Tuesday for a declaw and nueter. Since he got home Wednesday he’s been really loud and meowy – and will barely walk around. He just sits on his hind legs like a meerkat meowing to be taken somewhere. This morning I took off his bandages and he seems much better; already walking around. Finally, today is gymnastics day.

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