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Fathers Day

We woke up this morning and Zoe was so excited to give Bryan his Fathers Day gifts. She (and I) made him a great board game with little dino pieces made from TP rolls. We played a round and it was a hit! I also got Bryan a massage certificate and made a shirt for him from a flightsuit and some sleeves from a technical shirt…a creation he asked for. We then had angel food cake with berries for breakfast; again, Zoe couldn’t wait to show him because we had baked it the day before. After a busy morning we went to church where Bryan had his first Sunday a layleader. Then, it was sushi for dinner. It rained almost all afternoon, but during a lull we finished the landscaping around the new back porch. I got stung on my thumb by a wasp, unaware there was a tiny next in one of the plants. It hurt a ton! It’s been since I was a kid that I got stung and I didn’t remmber how bad they hurt. Took some Benadryl, it swelled a bit but went down quickly, now it’s just sore. oh well. At least it didn’t get Zoe.

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