Another wasp!

Is my overly sweaty pregnant body a wasp attractant? I FINALLY got around to mowing the yard this morning, and got another f-ing wasp sting! It’s so incredibly hot that I was mowing at 7am, so – of course – my hair wasn’t even brushed and just pulled into a rats nest of a ponytail. Well, as I’m mowing under the shrubs beside the house this wasp flies into my hair and GETS STUCK! aaaaghh. I’m trying to pull the hair band out to let it loose and couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on up there….hoping it was just big fly or beetle when it stung my left hand. GAG…it was still stuck too. So now, just picture fat pregnant Kat going nuts squealing and sweating beside her house with her hand still on the mower and her head flipped upside down trying to get it OUT! I eventually just ran inside to use a mirror and it escaped sometime before coming in. Of course, Zoe is just in here calmly playing on her farm when lunatic mom comes running by. She asked why I was being, “wild”. Nice. More Benadryl for Avi.

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