33 week sonogram

Well we got a sonogram this morning that was very exciting. The tech measured all Avi’s body parts and fluid and made sure everything looked good…he looks great. Based on the new measurements I’m right on track for a mid-August birthday. He is measuring about 4.5 pounds, and is still head down. There doesn’t seem to be much space in there, so he shouldn’t turn but you never know. Right now his backbone is along the right side of my belly (maybe that’s why my right hip hurts all the time) and his feet are extended up to his face. The tech switched to the 3D sonogram briefly to see if he was sucking on a toe; I think she was really curious since we didn’t pay for 3D. It was kind of cool, and a tad creepy looking. He was not sucking a toe, but both feet were right there in his face. Funny kid. We again got a video of the whole sonogram, so I’ll try to post an interesting bit later. I also got a brief appointment with the midwife who went over weight charts and stuff with us. Avi is tracking right on the ‘average’ line of the weight chart, so she guessimated he’d be right around 7lbs and a few ounces. Cool.


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