We *FINALLY* found something cool!

So, at Zoe’s Dr. appointment on Tuesday, the doc was telling us about a place called Blue Springs just over the border in Florida. Well, we went it is fun! Unbelievabley aqua-blue water to swim in that then flows into the Withlacoochee river. The spring water is freezing cold, but then the river feels warm. Bryan had fun jumping of a high platform into the really deep spring. Zoe didn’t actually like it since it was so cold, but it was a cloudy ‘chilly’ 85 today instead of hot as usual. So, the VERY VERY exciting thing is that we also found another spring in the state forest nearby…Pot Spring. It’s smaller, but secluded and since it’s in the forest we can camp near it without being in a campgroundj…like we are used to doing!!!! We are so excited about finding something so neato within 45 minutes of Valdosta…til now we’ve been really feeling deprived of our usual outdoor activity. We’ll be going back soon to camp, even though is freakishly hot. We’ll just stay in the cold spring long enough to freeze our skin.

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