Robbie Knievel at Wild Adventures

We spent this afternoon swimming at the Y and then made our way over to Wild Adventures for the ‘All American Weekend’ this evening. Robbie Knievel was to be jumping the lake at 6pm so we rushed in and found a good spot about 15 minutes early. Well, 6 came and went, 6:30, 6:45…ridiculous….announcements kept saying it would be anothe 10 or 20 minutes. It was super-rude. People started chanting and booing and we were told Robbie needed his time to prepare and syke himself. Are you kidding? It is freaking super hot out; seems dangerous to have a huge crowd all bunched together. I was getting lightheaded so I had to sit on the ground for a bit with Zoe. Unbelievable. At 7, Robbie finally came out and the crowd was just sort of clapping mildly. Everyone around us was yelling, “Just jump the lake”. Seriously, you can’t leave people stand around in the super hot for over an hour and then expect them to think you are cool. He then took 45 minutes to talk about himself, boat around trying to get cheers, and then he took a ton of false starts to the point of switching motorcycles twice. Not a good show. The jump ramp was also floating out in the lake, so he really was only jumping over a small bit of water. Eventually he jumped the lake, but at that point we had been standing around in the freaking hot humid crowd for 2 hours that everyone around us was just sort of like, “Yeh, finally…lets go”. Not impressed. Zoe only lasted that long since there were other kids in the crowd all screaming and complaining that she commisserated with. After the show we rode the Shoe Coaster, played in the playground, and hit up a few other kiddo rides. At 9 we found a nice spot on the grass and watched the fireworks! They were great. Zoe LOVES fireworks and talked the entire show about what colors, shapes, sounds they are. It was a nice ending to our early 4th of July celebration.

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