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Camping at Pot Hole

Last night we drove down to our new discovery…Pot Springs…in Florida to camp out and swim in the spring. Well, no sooner are we setup in a great spot than a forest ranger comes to tell us we aren’t allowed. What? no signs or anything. He did allow us to move near the parking area (where there were a few other people also camping) for the evening. I guess you can camp there, but you need to mail away for a permit and can’t actually drive on the roads. Too bad. It’s such a bummer because we thought we finally found something that would make this place cool. No luck….south Georgia is just going to be one of those sucky places to live. Whatever. We still had fun camping out, though I got super-hot at night. It was nice to swim in the cold spring water and then we had fun shooting off some fountain fireworks (since it’s Independence Day, after all). Zoe loved the fireworks and had a blast doing sparklers, too. This morning we woke up and played a fun game that Zoe made up with an acorn, a mushroom, and a bunch of sticks. It was fun!

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