35/36 week checkup

Very exciting OB appointment this morning. I got an exam and found out I’m 1cm dilated already! Avi has also dropped into -3 position…the first stage in my pelvis. Cool beans. Explains my new ‘waddle’. No softening or anything that indicates pre-labor. My belly measured 36 weeks, too. Based on our mid-august due date I should be 35 weeks, so maybe we’ll be more like early August. Only 3 or 4 weeks to go! Of course, our ‘paperwork’ due date is still the original late August timeframe so there won’t be a rush to induce if things happen later. I was also able to go over our birth plan and get some questions about birth-day answered.

Zoe is going to gymnastics camp during the mornings this week, so it was nice to have an in-depth appointment without having her along.

In the evening Bryan and I went to our first birthing class at the hospital (Smith-Northview). It’s a fast-paced full-of-facts Powerpoint 2 day class, so I’m glad it’s more of a refresher for us and not our first time. Our class in Tucson was a slow 6 day class that included lots of hands on practice and techniques. Good to get some questions and details answered about the policies at this hospital. We are now encouraged to pack our hospital bag and be ready!

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