False alarm

Well, I’ve been getting a lot of painless contractions the last two days, so I thought I’d call the OB and see if I could get an appointment this week (they still had me on the every-other-week routine).  The doc told me at my last appointment to come in if the Braxton-Hicks/practice contractions got more frequetns.  Well, the office was able to fit me in right away, so Zoe and I drove over.  Well, she hooked me to the fetal monitor for a good half hour then did an exam. I guess these haven’t been ‘practice’ or “braxton-hicks” contractions, but real ones.  They aren’t doing much, as I’m still dilated about 1.5, but I am starting to efface, so she was a bit concerned.  Since I’m still not quite securely past that 36 week mark, she decided to send me to the hospital for a Turbutaline/brethine shot that helps to slow contractions.  I also got an IV of fluids and have been instructed to take it easy from now on and get LOTS of water into my system to slow things down.  Luckily Bryan was able to get there quickly with me to evaluate things with the nurse.  I was again hooked on the monitor and we watched the contractions eventually slow down after a second shot. They weren’t doing much physically, like I said, so next week we’d just let it go and see what happens….could mean labor is soon, or just that my body is prepping a couple weeks early. I did dilate significantly for 3 weeks before Zoe was born, but it was different since I couldn’t feel any contractions with it…plus I’m just  NOT at 3 weeks prior to due time yet.  Anyway, it was a good practice trip since I was actually admitted into labor and delivery and we got to spend 4 hours in a postpardum room.  Need to add a few things for Bryan to our hospital bag. =)  Zoe did great at my appointment – ‘read’ me her coloring book and sketch pad stories  that she makes up, and then we all had some lunch in my room at the hospital and took a nap together on the tiny bed.  Now we’re back home watching Tinkerbell movie.

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