Taking it easy

Well I’ve been really relaxing and taking it easy this week, which is tough for me.  I miss going to the Y and swimming and going out to play alot with Zoe.  Thank goodness for friends who are taking her during the day to go play and be active.  It’s hard, though, since I feel fine.  However, I can definitely tell when I’ve been on my feet too much; I get a super low pressure near-contraction feeling until I lay down.  Nothing that hurts, though.  I’ve gotten a few more actual contractions, too, but just sporadically when I’ve walked about too much in the evening.  My next appointment is on Tuesday.  I feel like we’ll be fine to relax until then.  After that, we’ll see if anything has changed.  No matter what, I’ll be cleared back to normal activity and if labor progresses then fine…if it takes another couple weeks then all the better.  We’ll see what my body has in mind!

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