Baby Shower

I had a wonderful day yesterday at my baby shower that my friend Emily hosted.  The food was great, the friends were awesome, and we even played a couple games!  They guessed my waist size and then we guessed the chocolate bar in the diaper. I also got to open gifts, and then we all chatted for a long time. It was fun!  Bryan and Zoe had a date day together; she was bummed when I got home. Always nice to have her give me the, “no don’t be here” every once in a while.

In the morning at church and then as I drove for a few errands (and sat in the car while Bryan ran in) I was getting contractions again.  When they started they were just the no-pain pressure ones, but I did get a few that were a tad crampy.  Kind of exciting!  I’m going to take it easy another few days until my parents arrive and then it’s back to regular activity and we’ll see how long it takes for my body to go into labor.  Days?  Weeks?  who knows.  OB appointment tomorrow may shed a bit of light.

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