Ready to Go – 37/38 weeks

Mom, Dad, and Bethany arrived yesterday morning after driving through the night, so now I’m no longer nervous about how to get to the hospital if I were in labor while Bryan was flying.  I also had my OB appointment, which was nice to do without Zoe for once.  I’m 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  Avi has dropped very low in my pelvis, too.  So, we’re good to go!  Could be a day, could be a couple weeks; it’s possible to be dilated 3 cm for a while, but I’m feeling like it won’t be. Back to regular activity and keep the hospital bag close to the door.  Today we drove around a bit to show my folks where stuff is and visit the base.  This evening I’ve been getting a lot of painless and a few crampy contractions for the past hour.  Exciting.

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