Arlo’s ACL

Arlo has been limping off and on for a few weeks.  Seems that every few days when I’d go to make a vet appointment he’d be better, so we waited until yesterday.  Well, he has torn his ACL.  We think he strained it sometime playing around on the wood floor, and then just reinjured it until it tore.  It’s tough for him and his claws on the floor – he tends to slide around.  It’s a really serious injury on his back left leg and will require surgery.  We’re trying to figure out good timing for it since the recovery is 6-8 weeks and takes work escorting him outside, keeping him crated and calm, and a few follow up appointments.  With baby coming soon (hopefully) it’s going to be a bit complicated.  He is in good spirits, though, so it’s tough to keep him laying down.  Poor guy.

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