Avi at Home

Well it’s been fun and challenging having Avi here at home.  He mostly wants to nurse and sleep, but does open his eyes a bunch and check out the world.  He makes super fun little squeaks and grunts when he’s sleeping and has (so far) slept for some 4-5 hour chunks at night.  Zoe loves to see him and hold him very briefly.  She likes to show him his mushroom rattle and shares doggy with him sometimes.  She is pretty emotional lately and responds to any change in the day…like leaving the house or someone coming home or the need to eat dinner…as a big adjustment that requires screaming “no”.  Avi doesn’t seem to care or notice the noise.  It’s been really helpful having my family here.  Not sure how we would do bedtime or anything else without the help.  We have a little bit to figure out a new bedtime routine that will work for Avi and Zoe.  Nursing has gone well; sometimes he won’t latch well since he gets his hands in the way.  I swaddle them down and he goes to town.  Seems to eat pretty slowly and will take an hour to get full; I’m glad Zoe has Nan, Grandpa Joe or Bethany to play with while I’m nursing (nearly all day). My milk came in today.   We also had to take Avi back to the hospital today for a quick bilirubin test.  He was born a bit jaundice so they wanted to double check him.  Looks good!  We went out for a hike yesterday and had him out back in the bouncer all afternoon, so the sunshine did him well.

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