Bye Mom and Dad

This morning was sad…my mom and dad left to start driving back home.  They’ve been so helpful and supportive, it was tough to see them go.  Dad fixed a ton of stuff around the house and Zoe had a blast playing with Grandpa Joe.  Mom did everything around the house.  It’s amazing how my laundry and dinner and diapers and cleaning all just got done. Zoe misses doing water balloons and playing outside with Nan and Grandpa Joe.  She wanted to go with them.  Mostly, though, we just enjoyed their support and advice.  Avi is doing good today and eating a ton!  He is going through diapers like no ones business, so that is a great sign that he’s getting plenty to eat.  He likes to be awake and look around the house a bit each day which is so pleasant.

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