St. Augustine

Yesterday we all drove down to St. Augustine Florida for a nice day trip.  We just needed to get out of the house.  Zoe’s been a handful of “No” lately and refuses to do many of the fun daily stuff we used to…so it was nice to get completely away.  We stopped at Clarks Fish House in Jacksonville on the way down for lunch.  Its a crazy restaurant with tons of taxidermied animals all over the place.  Zoe really got a kick out of it and we all tried some fried alligator tail.  After that we went to downtown St. Augustine for a stroll around and a visit to the Fort – Castillo San Marco – which was free for the day!  Avi and I sat on a bench outside the fort so he could eat while Bryan, Bethany and Zoe went in to explore.  We happened to be there for the daily cannon firing, too.  Cool.  Actually it was cool-ish out when we arrived since it was just finishing a rain storm, but the air got super muggy, hot, and still when we left.  We finished the day at the beach just north of town.  Zoe and Bryan swam alot, Bethany helped build a cool sand castle, and Avi and I chilled out on the mat…he was eating again.  Avi did get his first toe-dip in the ocean!  He didn’t like it…a bit chilly I guess.

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