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Atlanta Aquarium

Tuesday we drove up to Atlanta – it took just under 4 hours.  Aunt Beppy rode in the back with the kids and kept Zoe entertained.  Avi slept the whole time; I nursed right before we left so he was nice and full.  We stopped in at the IKEA first for some lunch, nursing time, and to check if they had the tray to our high chair…again they were out.  bummer.  Bethany, however, was able to get some curtains she had been wanting for way less than the cost in Germany.  After that we went to an REI and, sadly, needed nothing.  It was fun to look around anyway and wish there were mountains (or any outdoor fun) near our part of georgia.  In the evening we drove over to Atlanta NAS – which is on Dobbins ARB -to stay the night inthe Q.  Our directions from the website were horrid as were the ones from the lady behind the counter.  After a ridiculous amount of time driving around we finally found it.  We stayed on the navy side since the Q had a suite for us all, at the same price as single rooms on the air force side.  It was clean, safe, and not fancy.  fine for the night.  In the morning we all got up and around and headed to the big event…the aquarium.  It’s the biggest aquarium and is super cool.  It had lots of places to touch fish, rays, anemones and other stuff. There was also a cool little playplace for the kids.  Each section was themed…there were southern fish, cold water fish, river fish, and then the BIG aquarium with ocean fish.  It was awesome with a cool underwater tunnel, big sharks, whales, and huge manta rays.  amazing.  Zoe loved looking for ‘big Al’ – an ugly fish from one of her books.  She also loved anything she could touch and she got to feed a couple stingrays.  Avi was asleep most of the time, or nursing while I walked around.  He did look at the fish in the giant tank briefly and seemed enthralled.  One thing we missed was a show, the aquarium has a 3D movie but not dolphin or sea lion show that alot of other aquariums have.  would’ve been a nice addition. The drive home was uneventful.  I was so tired after being up with Avi at night that Bethany drove, which was great.

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