We’re Tired

Thanks for all the emails…we are fine.  Here’s a quick blog entry before I get some sleep.  Avi is doing great – he eats and sleeps and poops and pees (alot) and then will play belly time for about 20 minutes twice a day before he gets mad.  He has been more awake this week, and therefore more fussy.  It seems like he wants held most of the time he is awake if he’s not nursing.  Nursing is going well; he likes the sit up when he eats which is a tad awkward. I’m going to start pumping once a day in earnest this week so Bryan has a full bottle each day.  I’ve gotten about 3 a week so far and Avi takes to it well!  Zoe is doing good, too.  She is sometimes emotional and seems to get mad quickly about changes, but every day we notice her settling in more and more.  Plus, we’ve been attempting to figure out good timing for special Zoe time which helps alot.  Bryan is home this week on leave which is amazing because it’s hard to handle nursing Avi as much as he wants and play with Zoe.  I find myself walking around nursing while pushing her on the swing, helping her in the bathroom, playing play doh or even pretending to be doctor – it’s a lot tougher than having just a baby.  Sleep is elusive as he’s still waking 3 or sometimes 4 times a night and needs changed about twice each time – before and after nursing.  We all try to sleep for an afternoon nap together, which means nothing gets done around the house.  I’m so grateful to the squadron wives for making us dinners this week while we adjust.  My neck and shoulders have been killing me and gotten super tight from all the scrunching in the dark nursing and walking around nursing.  I compensate by sleeping on a heating pad.  Well, off to bed.

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