Yep, Colic.  Not a shocker, I guess.  We just are destined for fussy babies.  All this past week Avi has gotten quite fussy, crampy, grunty, and up all night.  It’s been exhausting.  Thursday night (well Friday morning at 3am) he couldn’t be consoled so I took his temp and it was 100.8.  In the morning it was the same so I called the Pediatric clinic on base expecting a phone consult, but they told me to take him to the ER.  So, I did while Bryan took Zoe to school.  Of course, his temp was lower when they took it, but they watched my little video of Avi having a crying/cramping session and listened about him pooping only tiny squirts all the time and thought he may have a blockage in his bowel.  So, they took an x-ray and found he has super-bad gas.  Like, the doctor was shocked at the amount.  Anyway, he got the official ‘colic’ diagnosis and now we have anti-gas drops.  So Friday night he only  woke up 3 times…wow. Still tired.

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