My first week…

…at home alone with ‘the kids’ is almost over!  I made it!!  It’s pretty exhausting.  Mostly since Avi hasn’t been sleeping well.  He did pick two nights to have a ‘normal’ wakeup schedule when he only fed twice ovrnight, otherwise it’s 4-5 times.  Here’s what we’ve been doing…

8:15pm – Avi bedtime.  Zoe likes to read and pick baby books for him while I nurse and we all sit on the bed to read.
9:00 – Zoe bedtime.  Hopefully, Avi is asleep by now.  Then we go do Zoe’s regular bedtime routine …bathroom, toothbrushing, 3 books, goodnight!
THEN…Avi wakes at about midnight, 2am, 4am, and 6am to eat.  Each time takes a good 45 minutes or hour to get his diaper changed and nurse and get back to sleep. 
I try to pump some milk after he eats at 6, so that’s my wakeup time.
7:30 – Zoe wakes up and wanders into our room.  Time to get up everyone! Breakfast  for us all.  Avi wants to nurse again or cry.
8:40am – Take Zoe to preschool (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).    Thank goodness she likes the car drop off service, so I don’t need to take the screaming baby out of the car for everyone else to hear.
When we get home I nurse him again and then attempt to get Avi to sleep for a nap…and he’ll sleep for an hour to an hour and a half.  This is when I can get something done…IF he naps instead of cries, which he is getting better at.
11am – nurse again.
11:40 – off to pickup Zoe.  Thankfully, Avi will usually fall asleep in the car for this trip.
Lunch and an awake baby.
1pm – Nurse again and lets ALL take a nap.  Zoe will read some books and we all sleep together in my bed. Zoe still naps for about 2 hours, while Avi and I typically get 1.
In the afternoon he *may* have a nice quiet fun belly time for about 30 minutes.  Otherwise, I must carry him around or nurse to avoid him crying.
Again at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm he’ll cluster nurse.  This kid eats a ton!! and fills his diapers the same.
When Zoe wakes up we’ll go out back in the heat to play or do some crafts inside.  I just have to carry Avi along with me.
Bryan usually gets home around 6:45 – so he’ll take over kid duty while I whip up some food.  Then it’s playtime with daddy, and he gets to feed Avi that milk bottle I pumped,  for a bit while I do something I’ve been trying to do all day (usually finish laundry).
Whew….bedtime and repeat.   It’s crazy.  I’m hoping Avi gets into a better sleep and nap rythmn; he’s getting there.  The big thing is that he just cries if he’s not held, just like Zoe.  This time it’s harder though, since I want to play with Zoe or get something done (like lunch) and I’ve got Avi in one hand.  He hasn’t tolerated being wrapped onto me with a carrier yet.   Once he gets used to that we’ll be golden. 
Thank goodness for a long weekend!

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