Turning a Corner?

Well last night Avi only woke twice to nurse – at predictable times 1am and 4am.  Awesome.  Then he woke around 6 to nurse a tiny bit and was awake for about an hour as a happy little guy!  Neato.  The rest of the day he was quite content and napped or nursed well.  He still screamed in the car (seems to hate that), and had a bit of a fussy time this evening but it was not an extreme colic session…more like a typical baby.  I think we discovered a solution; sleeping on his belly.  I know, I know “back to sleep” but he has truly restful sleep on his belly and it seems to make his cramping gut issues dissipate.  At bedtime I still swaddled him and placed him on his back for the longest time that he was asleep, but after he woke to nurse I put him on his back for the remaining short stints of sleep till morning.  I’ll see if it works the same miracle tonight. We’ve tried him on his belly for naps the last few days and he seemed so much more content that we decided to just go for it a bit at night.  I’m not getting my hopes up for a lasting solution, but at least he’s not mad all the time for now.

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  1. I fought this too Kat with Saff but when we entered week 4 with zero sleep I put her on her stomach. She still wasn't a great sleeper but it was a HUGE improvement. Even the nurse told me that she couldn't tell me to put her on her stomach but that I had to do what I had to do to get some sleep so read between the lines. She wasn't a swaddle baby though.

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