Jekyll Island

For our last couple days with Nana and Pappy we all went out to Jekyll Island to explore.  It’s an island a couple hours away from our house, so we drove out Saturday morning and were able to check into our hotel early.  We then grabbed some lunch and hit the beach.  Since the tide was just starting to wane it was tough to find a beach at first, but as the water went out the beaches got much bigger.  I guess the tidal flat is huge in spots so the beach also gets really big.  The sand was pretty nice, but the water was kind of churned up and dirty.  Oh well.  Zoe seemed to love it, though she got sleepy quickly since it was the afternoon.  We went back to the hotel for a nice nap.  In the evening it was a steamed shrimp and the PSU game courtesy of Pappy!  It was nice to just hang out…though we did a bit antsy and took a walk to the beach to watch the tide come back in.  Very cool views across the water to the lighthouse at St. Simons Island.  Nighttime was tiring; Avi didn’t want to sleep.  He was awake most of the night, not really nursing or being happy…just waking up schrooching and then biting me when nursing.  not cool. In addition, Bryan got stung by a scorpion in bed…didn’t know thats what it was until morning when it crawled out of the cover.  Anyway, while I slept in the fam had a nice morning getting shells at the beach and going to the playground.  One highlight of the trip, though, was our visit to the Sea Turtle Rescue Center.  They had lots of cool displays, a viewing area into the medical office, and lots of rehabilitating turtles in tanks.  Very cool as were the amazing old homes in the historic section of the Island.  In the afternoon on Sunday we drove over to St. Simons Island for some lunch and a visit to that lighthouse we saw from the beach.  Zoe and Bryan went up in it to see the view; Zoe has talked about living in a lighthouse someday, so this was really cool to her.  Avi did pretty well tolerating the humidity and nursing out and about for the weekend.  He seems fairly happy when being held, but is still quite fussy….especially in the car.  The drive home was a challenge; Bryan’s arm was cranked around to the back seat nearly the entire drive trying to push the pacifier back in Avi’s mouth.  He should sleep well tonight!  It was a fun way to spend time with Nana and Pappy and it’s sad to see them go.  They have been quite helpful this week; Zoe has especially enjoyed playing with them.  She cried in the car for a bit after we said our goodbyes.  Thanks for a great time!

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