Cloth Diaps

Well, Avi is officially out of his extra small size Bummi’s and into the small’s that my brother got us.  Very cool.  They are working really well; easy to change just the pad instead of the whole diaper which means less bulk to carry around in the diaper bag.  We’re washing them every other day, which is what I recall doing with Zoe’s diapers for the first few months.  It’s actually alot more pee and poo considering his diaps are half the bulk of hers.  In fact I’ve kept track a few times and he’ll have between 15 and 20 changes a day.  Yikes!!  He still likes to nurse all day, which we recently read might be because of my crazy letdown.  No joke, he chokes when he nurses if it’s been 2-3 hours between feedings. Could contribute to the gassy colic, so eating more frequently probably helps his little belly feel happier.  He should adjust into his own schedule, I guess.  Looking forward to a happy baby.

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