Camping at Jekyll Island

mosquito’s….end of entry.

No, actually, we had a great time.  Drove out Saturday morning and arrived in time to eat lunch at the little 4H aquarium called “Tidewaters”.  It was small, cute, and Zoe loved it.  Arlo had fun outside barking at folks as they left.  Yeah, that was us…the folks with the dog.  After that we checked into the campground. We were site J7; it’s the farthest away from the RV’s in the tent area as you can get.  good spot and near a back dirt road with quick access to the bike paths.  Got stuff quasi-setup.  Avi was mad and crying the whole time so I wasn’t much help to Bryan, and Zoe was starting to get ‘tired’ and cranky.  We got the bikes ready for a short ride thinking it would lull Avi to sleep and it worked on both the kids!  We borrowed a friends kid trailer, so Avi rode in that inside his car seat.  Zoe sat in her seat on my Korean bike.  Our short couple miler took us out to the pier, around by the beach, and then back along a mud flat.  A nice short loop and two sleeping kids.  We napped briefly before Avi awoke, so Bryan took him out for another spin while I stayed and slept with the Zuzz.  In the evening we drove to the southern beach on the island for some sandy fun.  The water was muddy again … so it must be like that all the time … but the sand was fun to play in.  We stayed for a couple hours.  Avi nursed and seemed content with the breeze blowing.  Arlo chased some birds around and it seemed to limber him up a bit.  Zoe and Bryan had fun making sand creatures, digging holes, and searching for beach treasures.  Back at the campground things were hot and muggy – it’s back in the woods.  Mosquito’s all over the place.  yuck.  Again Avi got mad.  I think maybe he was hot.  We got dinner together and Bryan started a smokey fire to ward off the bugs.  Did a few marshmallows and then went to bed.  The evening started hot, but cooled off nicely.  Avi did great for his first camping adventure!  Surprisingly he slept for a long time and only woke twice to nurse.  I thought it was going to be more crying, but he must’ve felt fine after the temp cooled off. As always Zoe loved camping out and slept wonderfully.  And aside from watching some raccoons eat his food, Arlo did good as well.  Sunday morning we woke early and went for a nice long bike ride.  Jekyll Island has a great paved bike trail system that is almost completely off the road!  We biked the north end along the sound through the historic area and then back along the beach.  Zoe loved it, Avi slept, and it felt soooo good to get out exercising in the cool-ish morning air.  We returned to the campground to retrieve our stuff and Arlo and drove home.  Avi did OK on the drive…cried for a while, but then fell asleep.  A successful first campout as a four person fam!!  

..well with two legs full of bug bites to show for it..

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