Avi’s First Year – 2 months

Well, he is still waking every 3 hours at night and really wants to nurse every 2 during the day…it’s a lot of feeding.  I’m trying to spread out his daytime feeding to 2.5 and eventually 3, but it just means an extra 1/2 hour of crying so I usually give in.  During the day he eats quickly; which is why (I think) he eats often. Maybe he’s not quite filling up….another reasons to hold him off a bit so he’ll eat more each time instead of snacking all day.  Oh, and I’m talking 2 hours from start to start of a feeding, so sometimes he’s only off my boob for an hour and a half. Seriously, I don’t think he needs to nurse 10 or more times in one day.  Seems excessive, but he is getting to be quite the chunker. At night, though, he eats alot each time he wakes so I’m at a loss about why he doesn’t have at least one long period of sleeping. He doesn’t nap a ton during the day – usually a bunch of 30 minute cat naps. That is kind of a struggle because in a half hour I can get alot of things started but nothing done.  Poor Zoe only gets my attention in 5 minute chunks between screaming baby and eating baby time.   Lately, he has been more alert and -almost- fun in the morning.  Evenings are still his fussy time, but at a more normal baby level.  The crazy screaming and belly rumbling seems to be less frequent, and he isn’t pooping in every diaper – more like 3 times a day. So hopefully his gut is maturing and the colic is on the way out.

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