The Theater (said with a British accent)

Tonight Zoe, Avi and I went to see Tales from the Arabian Nights at the theater downtown.  It was a play put on by the local childrens theater troup – kids aged 6 – 15ish  Entertaining if not the best acting with all the different stories.  Still, it wasn’t a super family-ized version of the 1001 Nights – there were implied beheadings…had to skirt the “why can’t we see that guys’ face?” question  (the executioner).  Zoe enjoyed it, but was also quite curious about the ‘demons’ in each story.  I just explained they were the bad guys…didn’t really have time to get into a thorough explanation of that one.  Avi did great nursing the whole time; in fact the lady beside me didn’t even know I had a baby along until the intermission.  It was a pretty fun evening.

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