7th Anniversary

Yep.  We were married 7 years ago on October 18th….it was great. So, while Bryan and I were on our anniversary date we decided to think back to our other anniversary celebrations:

1st: Bryan made crab-stuffed flounder and we camped in the Wichita Mountains over the weekend
2nd: We camped out and explored the cave at Devils Den State Park in Arkansas
3rd: We went skydiving in Arizona
4th: We stayed in our Honeymoon Suite at the B&B in Bellefonte
5th: We went spent the weekend at a B&B up near the PA Grand Canyon and went hiking and biked the rail trail.
6th: We had an amazing dinner in the revolving restaurant at the top of the Tower in Seoul.

and this year…..

7th: Breakfast at Denny’s.  Well you can’t top that!

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