Busy Season

So I feel like we were scratching for things to do all summer and now that it’s autumn there are too many options.  Festivals, tours, special events, parties…where was all the fun a few months ago?  lets spread the love to the hot time of year, too.  Anyway, this past weekend we attended a Hail & Farewell Friday which featured a bouncy castle, so Zoe had a blast.  Saturday we went roadtripping to visit some local farms – the natural foods store we go to in Tallahassee was sponsoring a bit farm tour open house day.  It was fun!  Saw goats, took a hay ride, bought some chestnuts, learned about Alpacas. Neat stuff. Sunday afternoon Bryan took the kids out to the playground while I sewed up a storm on Zoe’s Halloween costume; it needed done since we have 3 events to wear it too!  Since when did Halloween become a ‘holiday’ anyway?  It was always just a nighttime once-a-year-candy-collecting event when I was a kid.  Fun.  Simple.  Now, there are festivals and “trunk or treats” and crazy decorations; it’s a bit out of hand.  Plus, all the local churches want to offer something instead of Halloween, which seems silly. If you really don’t like the premise behind Halloween how about you just don’t go trick-or-treating. It’s not like kids must have candy on Oct 31.  I digress.  Zoe wanted to be a rose so she now has a rose costume to where to the O’Club, school, and trick or treating. Avi will be a bee at Zoe’s request.  So this weekend we not only have Halloween activities, but it’s also the big Flying Tiger Reunion here at Moody which Bryan is heavily involved in planning.  So we also have those events to attend – flight demo’s, Lunch, formal Dinner, etc….  Not sure how it will all work out, and we may actually be looking forward to Monday for once in our lives!

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