Avi’s First Year – 3 months

My happy little boy rolled over yesterday!  He was on his belly on the couch watching me and a friend mess with Tshirts when he pushed and pushed and rolled over.  He then cried as it surprised him, but was soon back to normal.  Yes, the new normal for Avi is happy!!  The colicky stiff belly and gassy bum are gone, and with it went the mad man.  Now he is cooing and giggling and ‘saying’ Hi; he’s kicking and a grabbing at toys and pushing Happy Apple around a bit.  He still enjoys laying on hi belly and is doing amazing push ups.  Another favorite is watching himself in the mirror. He especially likes to watch Zoe at the table and will often be content to sit in his high chair beside her while we eat Breakfast and Lunch.  By dinner he’s getting tired, so that’s his fussy time.  Overnight is still a bit rough with him waking 2-3 times, but happy baby during the day makes it all just fine!


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