So, trick or treating in our neighbourhood was kind of a bummer. No joke, the first 3 houses we stopped at didn’t have candy.  They still had their porch lights on and everything, but were then oblivious.  Anyway, Zoe kept telling me, “we’re still having good luck, mom” even though we weren’t.  Turned out about every 5th or 6th house had candy.  We did a whole loop around the block before we saw any other kids, too. We tagged along with them for a while. She still got her little bag full, but it took an hour and a half and lots of work.   At home, Bryan gave out all our candy.  From his perspective he thought the neighbourhood was full of kids….not so.  Seems like most other kids had their parents driving them from porch light to porch light.  Not a bad idea since there were so few giving out. oh well, next year we’ll try driving to someone elses neighbourhood.  Zoe still had a blast.

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