Thanks, Effie

We had a great visit with Effie this week.  She seemed to enjoy just hanging out with us and our everyday goings-on.  It was amazing to me what one extra person in the house can accomplish.  Seriously, the house was tidy every day; either Effie held Avi and played with him while I got stuff done or I was nursing him and she could play with Zoe.  Makes me understand even more how easy folks have it that live near their family’s.  We went clothes shopping with both of them for crying out loud!  Amazing.  I can grocery shop or Walmart shop with the two of them on my own since I have a list and we can be quick, but it was incredible to spend a few hours meandering and browsing with two kids.  That could never happen alone.  Thanks, Effie!!  I know Zoe had a great time with Grandma, too.  Playing and reading books and doing play doh. 

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