Avi’s First Year – 4 months

The Avster is quite vocal lately with lots of little noises like “hi”, “ha”, “ooo” and a squeaky “Aaa”.  It’s great.  He is very proud of these noises and super happy when he’s talking.  In fact, he’s pretty happy most of the day unless we’re in the car.  He seems to hate the car.  We try a pacifier which he sometimes takes, but at home he prefers to chew his fist.  Chew chew chew and drool all the time.  Just this week, too, he has gotten pretty good at grabbing toys and bringing them to his mouth to chew.  His favorites:  a jingle toy I made and the little man Bethany knitted.  At breakfast and lunch, if he’s awake, he will contently sit in the high chair and watch and listen to Zoe talk…she talks constantly, so there is lots of that entertainment for him.  His push ups are going well, too, though he’s still only rolled over 3 times.  On Sunday we moved him to his own bedroom.  I’ve been sleeping there with him since he wakes once or twice still.  He’s fairly consist with waking around 1:30am to nurse.  He then will either wake again at 5am and go back to sleep til 8ish or he’ll wake up at 6 for about an hour and a half and then take an early nap.

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