Zoe’s Thanksgiving Program

Well we finally got to feel like parents today…I mean like parents I remember my parents being.  You know, with camera’s and stuff.  Zoe’s school had a Thanksgiving program that both Bryan and I went to.  They had each class sing a song and then all three of the 3 year old classes sang one together. Zoe’s class sang, “Hello Mr. Turkey”  Then they all sang “I’m glad I’m not a Turkey”.  It was great.  Some of the kids are so loud and goofy; Zoe mostly played with her necklace, sung a little bit, swayed, and waved at us.  Afterward there was a FEAST.  We all had assigned seats.  The classes made centerpieces, placemats, napkins rolls, placecards and other decorations.  Veggie soup, hotdogs, crackers, grapes and brownies too!  We got to sit with her classmate Caleb and his famiy.   It was great.  I posted the video on Youtube and pics on picasa!

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