Arlo Update 2

Well last week I thought Arlo would be gone by now, but he is such a resilient doggy.  He’s been on prednisone 2x daily for a week and it is really helping.  He doesn’t whine all the time and has his energy back.  He isn’t, of course, at full capacity chasing squirrels or his own butt, however, he is no longer sequestoring himself to the front bedroom.  Instead he hangs out with us in the living room, is always underfoot in the kitchen, and sleeps in his kennel in my room at night.  I guess before he was nervous about being hurt so it was better to be alone.  Yesterday I tapered his steroid down to once a day in the evening and he seemed to do fine.  We’ll monitor and see if that is a good dosage – the goal would be to have him on the lowest amount possible all the time to maintain his comfort.  I can still feel the tumor and he still holds his ear and head funny, but at least the pain is gone.  So, in the end, we’ve only treated symptoms but we have a happy healthy, thirtsty and hungry, dog.  We’re also giving him a homeopathic called Zeel that is for arthritis in people and a glucosamine, green mussell, etc… muscle maintaining pill; he likes this last one and thinks its a treat.

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