Arlo News

So, the tests finally came back and Arlo tested positive for Valley Fever – it’s a fungal infection dogs get from sticking their noses in holes out in  Arizona.  I’m kind of surprised because we thought he had this in Arizona (he had that hacky cough) and tested him; it was negative at the time and we moved to Korea soon after.  Apparently he has the antibodies but the levels are low; as if he had it a while ago and has fought it off well.  So, this could be what the tumor is…a mass of fungus growing.  gross, but better news than cancer.  The doc just doesn’t know which.  So, he’s taking Arlo’s x-rays and test info to the big shots at the University of Georgia to see if the radiology dept there can better determine what the mass is.  It could still be an untreatable tumor (cancerous or not, but harming the bone regardless), or this fungal infection.  If the valley fever fungal infection is causing it then we’ll have alot of meds to give him, but the prognosis is good…he can be cured of the valley fever and the mass may actually go away.  Either way we’ll stay on prednisone to keep him comfy until we know if the valley fever is actually related. Operating to take a biopsy is still not something the vet wants to do. The location is too dangerous for him to try.

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