Snow in Georgia

Tonight we ventured up to the base for the Christmas festival & base tree lighting.  There were two giant piles of snow for the kids to play in, and Zoe had a blast throwing snowballs at everyone.  She got to test out her new mouse mittens from Aunt Beppy and found they kept her hands warm AND were good containters for the candy she collected during the little parade.  There was some pomp and ceremony that we couldn’t hear and then the base tree was lit – it’s a big cypress shaped like a Christmas tree that grows on base.  We were all encouraged to put one the available yellow ribbons on the tree, too, for people who are gone right now.  After that we enjoyed some hot chocolate and hot dogs before Zoe decided to climb a tree with some other kids for a while.  She’s been looking for a good tree for a while now, and finally found it.  Collected a bit of snow for Daddy, which is now in our freezer.  Skipped visiting Santa as the line was insanely long – she enjoyed sitting on his lap for a picture last week at the downtown parade, but has since learned that she is meant to tell him what she wants.  Must’ve learned that detail at school.  On the drive home we took a zip past the neighborhood with all the lights and a new Valdosta Christmas attraction: the house with a Griswold amount of lights flickering to the music on a radio station!  It was a highlight worth the extra 10 minutes of Avi screaming – yes, he still hates being in the car seat.

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