Flying with the kids

Got into State College safely last night.  It’s so fun to be on a trip with the kids; I love to travel and I can tell that has brushed off on Zoe.  The whole event exited her, from putting her coat, shoes, backpack, AND doggy on the x-ray screening belt to getting juice mid-flight to the exhilarating feeling of turbulence she had a blast.  We left from JAX and spent our post-check-in time at the USO eating brownies and nursing Avi in a contained space.  Love, love, love the USO anywhere we go.  After taking it all off for security – they made me hand carry Avi through which I wasn’t planning on and purposefully wore a cloth carrier – we got it all back on and found the gate.  Avi did great riding on me and Zoe did great riding on the carry-on wheely bag.  I just packed a carry on since I’m too cheap to pay for luggage (thankfully carseats are still free checked bags).  Zoe and I each had a backpack too; mine with Avi diaps and stuff, hers full of doggy, coloring book, and some library books.  She had fun packing.  We waited at the gate for 20 minutes before pre-boarding.  Jacksonville airport is very family friendly with a family security line, family bathrooms, and pre-boarding.  nice. During flight Zoe wanted to know everything, or knew everything about everything and every sound.  She eventually settled the talking a bit and watched Marmaduke until *SNACKTIME*.  They actually only came around with drinks, so good I brought some pretzels and granola bars.  Avi did great.  He’s not too fussy or particular and liked laughing at me or Zoe or the flight attendant or the lady beside me that could say, “goood b-eye-bee”  in English.  He thought she was super funny. He nursed and fell asleep for a half hour or so, luckily he slept through drink time as I’m not sure I could’ve easily managed him bouncing around, two drinks, my tray, and ice cups.  Once landing in Philly I got him back in the carrier, got on Zoe and my coats, tucked up the backpacks, and grabbed the wheely bag.  Our connection was about an hour so we visited the toilet and make the trek to F terminal.  Zoe had great fun riding the wheely bag, standing on the moving sidewalk, and holding the pole on the bus to the terminal. She insisted on coloring during our 15 minute wait, so we had barely spread out the contents of the backpacks when it was time to pack them up.  This was the only time she got a bit frustrated, but when I reiterated that we were getting on a new airplane she was packing it up fast.  The second flight was short, but Avi was getting a bit fussy…it was afterall right around bedtime.  Got Zoe settled with her book and nursed Avi who promptly fell asleep before we even taxied out.   So for our half hour of flight time I read the 3rd Magic Tree House book to Zuzz just in time to land.  After getting all packed up again we got off the plane and saw Nan and Grandpa Joe bouncing around in the window of the airport.  Zoe squealed and ran the whole way around to the greeting area.  She was so excited.  Avi, obviously, woke up and took in the sights.  Grabbed the carseats and went out into the bitter PA cold.  whew it’s freezing here.  It was a great trip.  I can’t wait for more travels with the kiddo’s; they just make the journey more fun.

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