Christmas 2010

I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since I updated the blog.  We’ve been busy this past Christmas season.  Zoe, Avi and I flew to PA on the 20th to spend a week with my folks.  Thank you, thank you; thank you to Bethany for arranging our airfare and all the family who contributed.  It was such a great gift to avoid a 16 hour car ride with the kids and to be able to spend a longer time with each family.  Zoe and Avi had much fun with Nan and Grandpa Joe – I think Avi especially enjoyed all the PaJoe time; I know I appreciated the free babysitting while finishing up some Christmas shopping. Zoe loved reading books at bedtime with Nan and sleeping with her grandparents. It was also neato to have Uncle Tyler change Avi diaps and see his nephew.  We missed Bethany as she was held up in all the European snow storms, but it was so nice when she finally came in on Christmas day to pick her up at Harrisburg.  Zoe ran for her Aunt Beppy and I enjoyed a special days-old pretzel treat!  Bryan drove up from Georgia with Arlo the dog in the car (this was the plan since Arlo has been in bad shape lately) on the 23rd arriving in the afternoon of the 24th after a 4 hour sleep in the car.  What a man!  We all promptly took a nap.  The rest of the time with my fam was filled with gift giving and visits with aunts and uncles.  A highlight was seeing my cousin Seth’s son David and seeing how he and Avi were similar.  Afterward it was on to Bryan’s fam and another week visiting with them.  Zoe loved playing with her cousins Sophia and Bella, and though the house seems chaotic it was so cool to see them all interact.  It made me recall visits to my Grandparent’s house in the summers and playing hard all day with my sister and girl cousins.  Everything was a big production or overly dramatic…too funny to watch history repeat itself.  Avi found his new betime hero in Pappy who could get him to sleep in no time.  And all the girls sleeping with Nana was too cute.  Again we had multiple days of Christmas and gift exchanges that were neverending – the generosity of our families is amazing.  We went visiting at the Grandparent’s homes which is always fun and also got to see some friends.  The only bummer of the trip was the lack of snow – we briefly got to sled on old crunchy snow, but nothing fresh.  New Years, however, made up for that.  It was nice and warm for our foray into State College for their First Night.  We enjoyed the ice sculptures, kids theater, crafts and music.  Since we are old and tired with kids we headed home before midnight for some sleep…Avi had other plans though and kept me up to see the new year. To finish out our trip we drove to Sarah and Justins for a couple additional days of cousins playing and visiting.  It was super nice to just hang out and relax at the end of our trip.  Bryan drove back down to GA via our land in Kentucky while the kids and I flew out of Pittsburgh.  The trip went great.  It’s so fun to travel with kids and see how exciting it all is for them.  The trip was happily uneventful – we all slept great in our own beds that night.  Now we’ve been busy taking down Christmas decorations and putting away gifts.  Back to normal life next week.


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