Arlo Walks

So, I’ve started taking arlo and the kids out for walks daily and he seems much happier from it.  Lately, I’ve been thinking he’s depressed…mostly just lays around in another room and goes in the backyard only when necessary.  So, even though it’s freezing cold we’re going once around the block.  Zoe rides her new bike and Avi rides in the stroller.  I haven’t been taking Arlo on walks since the summer when he was supposed to ‘take it easy’ for 4 months because of his knee.  Apparently that either healed up a bit from the rest or he doesn’t feel it anymore because of the steroids.  He did great in Kentucky in October and we started going outside more after that, but then we found his lump and he’s been just laying around since then as we adjusted his drugs.   He’s such a good boy.  Now that we’ve been out again he’s underfoot when I cook and hangs out in the living room with us.  Glad to see a bit of spark back in him.

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