Avi the Tasmanian Devil

Avi has been quite vocal of late.  He downright sqwaks and squeals and oooooos.  Unfortunately he is so interested in his own voice that it keeps him up at night.  He is STILL waking nightly between 2-4am to nurse, but now he won’t quickly go back to sleep.  He pretends to fall asleep after nursing about 15 minutes, but as soon as I put him in the crib  and walk away I here the tasmanian devil making all kinds of ruckus in his room.  Seriously, that’s what he sounds like…happy sounds thank goodness so I mostly just leave him with his own discussion until he goes back to sleep or realizes no one is listening and starts to cry when I go back in and bounce the mattress to lull him to sleep.  Sometimes he’s so loud he wakes Zoe, which is amazing because she sleeps like a log. It’s tiring, but hard to get too frustrated since it’s too cute.


  1. Next time you put him to bed set up that little alien tripod thing you have….attach it to his crib somehow. Then in the middle of the night, just press record so we can all enjoy the little devil.

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