Zoe the Paleontologist

For the last week Zoe has been super focused on her paleontology dig.  She got a kit for Christmas and is obsessed with getting the dino bones dug out.  She keeps asking how to become a paleontologist.  I said she needed to learn to read, start working more with her numbers and then as she got higher in school she’ll combine them in science.  Then she could go to college.  Of course, I was wrong.  She doesn’t want to wait that long and insists as she digs in this plaster block that she is becoming a paleontologist.  That she is!  too funny.  She also has started to sleep with the plastic glowing brachiosaurus skeleton that came with the kit.  We glued it together, too.  The other evening I went into her bedroom to give her her water bottle and a glowing dino head looked at me from the bed and said, “thanks mom”.  She tucks it in beside her with the tiny little head poking out of the covers and laying on the pillow. 

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