Avi’s First Year – 5 months

Avi has started to get pretty good at sitting on his own.  If I set him up with a toy between his legs on the floor he’ll stay there for quite a while before falling back, usually because he’s gotten too excited about something.  He has also started to schooch backward when he’s on his belly.  Won’t get up onto his knees, yet but pushes and pushes with his arms and then tries to do something with his legs. It usually ends up frustrating him because he’s trying to move forward to get to a toy.  His ‘vocabulary’ is also branching out – he’s added lots of tongue-humming sounds lately to his tansmanian devil sounds. Still quite a happy guy, especially when it’s mealtime.  He never misses a chance to nurse unless he’s distracted by Zoe.  I’m still feeding him homemade baby food, too, from the giangantic batch I made before Christmas.  I’ve started mixing them together and making it a bit chunky with some added rice cereal.  Last night he had peas and carrots.

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