Ramen Fun

Avi’s new favorite toy is a pack of Ramen noodles.  Yep.  Ramen Noodles….chicken flavor at that.  We have a case of these in the pantry that we got from the Armed Forces Mothers Christmas box, and Bryan decided to have some one night for dinner.  Avi watched intently as he opened the case and one fell on the floor. So, I plopped it on his high chair tray since he’d thrown off his farm toys.  Well it was like I presented him with a gold nugget or something.  He loves it.  It’s crunchy and squishy and he is slowly breaking apart the noodles inside.  If it pops open I’ll give him a new one, so no worries.  He just loves it though!  Who knew that the best baby toy would cost ten cents.  The crowing fluffy rooster still comes in a close second, however, is no longer soft but crispy from half eaten food and drool.  It’s not as easy to rinse off as the Ramen pack!

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