Father-Daughter Dance

Tonight Bryan got all dressed up in his mess dress and presented Zoe with a corsage.  It’s the Father-daughter dance!  She wore her black “cocktail dress” and a bunch of colorful jewelry that we got at the store special for the occassion.  Bryan asked her to pick from a few restaurants for dinner at the beginning of their date; she selected Red Lobster!  After that they went to the convention center for the dance, and I guess it was really huge.  Bryan said they had a lot of fun dancing, running around out on the patio, eating snacks, and playing with some other little girls.  When Zoe got home she was super excited to tell me especially about dancing under the decorations.  It’s so nice that Bryan got to have a special date with Zoe; he loves her so much and especially loves spending time with her.  Anytime we’re out he’s always commenting on how much fun she is.  I think they both had a blast with each other tonight.

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