Avi’s 6 Month

Avi’s appointment went well today. He weighed in at only 16 pounds 15 ounces, which shocked me since I weighed him as 19 in January.  Hmmm… maybe those bathroom scales aren’t so accurate.  I’m sure he’s not losing weight.  In fact, the doc even mentioned that he seemed heavier than that so maybe THEIR scale is inaccurate.  whatever.  He was has 29 inches long.  So, he is basically the average kid.  50% on everything.  Nice and proportionate the doc said.  He enjoyed having the doctor give him a once over and she seemed to think he was developing nicely.  Soon we’re to start trying some chunkier food and maybe dissolving-quickly finger foods.  neato.  After his appointment we walked over to the immunization clinic. Of course I forgot to take him in for a 4 month appointment, so he’s a bit behind on shots but thats fine….they get so many anyway might as well delay a tad.  He hated the oral whatever they get and screamed for the 3 shots.  He promptly fell asleep in his carseat for the next 4 hours, and was a fuss fuss the rest of the afternoon.  Went to bed early.  Poor guy.

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